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About Me

I am a first-year Ph.D. student at Illinois Institute of Technology advised by Dr. Kai Shu. I obtained my M.S. degree in Computer Science from University of Oregon (advised by Dr. Thien Nguyen), and my B.S. degree in computer science from Purdue University working with Dr. Yung-Hsiang Lu.

My research focuses on developing trustworthy systems to retrieve, extract, and verify natural language information. I am motivated by detecting misinformation and its associated research goals, including: graph representation learning, knowledge extraction, explainable natural language processing, and learning from weak or distant supervision.



Attacking Fake News Detectors via Manipulating News Social Engagement
Haoran Wang, Yingtong Dou, Canyu Chen, Lichao Sun, Philip S. Yu, Kai Shu
ACM Web Conference 2023 (WWW'23). 2023.
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Combating Health Misinformation in Social Media: Characterization, Detection, Intervention, and Open Issues
Canyu Chen, Haoran Wang, Matthew Shapiro, Yunyu Xiao, Fei Wang, Kai Shu
arXiv preprint. 2022.